150.00 280.00

+white stoneware clay +black, pink, blue and chartreuse colors underglaze + clear crackle glaze

+ZIGGY STARDUST is like the unicorn of whales. He is full of positive energy and magic of the universe which is imprinted on his back. He swallows rainbows as a snack and for dinner he jumps for the stars as they tickle his stomach when he swallows them whole. He is not perfect though as his tail was injured in a freakish accident. He now has a little wobble to add to his incredible character and charm.
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Additional Info

This is a hand made item and even though it is always shapped perfectly once the clay goes through the kiln the results will vary. In this case the platter does have a slight wobble but only if you place more weight on the tail. That is why the price is adjusted to this items slight imperfection.