These two beetles are not entirely mine.

...You see I bought these two ornaments at the Anthropology store one winter and I was really excited to use them for a mold making class. So I made the mold thinking that with the sticker “made in China” it was ok to duplicate them. I did notice a name on the packaging and looked it up— The original beetles were made by Anna Collette Hunt a ceramic artist based in England, her installation is called “Stirring the Swarm” and its absolutely stunning.

I thought that the difference in our glazing techniques and the variation from my molds along with the fact the originals had been mass produced made it ok for me to appropriate the shapes.

After checking with a friend of mine who happens to be a lawyer specializing in the copyright of artists work, I admit I was wrong! and I do apologize to my fellow ceramic artist Anna Collette for copying her beautiful beetles form.

I will make my own beetles:) as I do have an obsession with bugs and it’s a big part of my work— whether it’s an illustrated book for kids or a ceramic piece that you can wear or hang on your wall.

The two beetles I made based on the Anthropology ornaments are no longer available for sale. I’m going to give them away instead:)